This is what people from our congregation have to say about the Monroe Congregational Church:

I MCC because:

Bike Outing

Of our God-Talk…

God = my hero!

I love God

Love God just as you love me

God is so awesome!


U.C.C. ☻

It is awesome!


MCC is amazing!

God = life

God is Good…All the Time


I love Jesus!

We love God

You are so beautiful.

Because God is nice!

Of our relationships…

We Welcome All!

We are Open and Affirming

MCC loves me

Everyone loves each other and forgives!

They allow me to say “no”

This is my family; we are family! It feels good to be able to turn to anyone and share thoughts or get comfort; we are family (literally mom!)

MCC is great for kids; it is fun for us kids

Of the nice members of the church; of the warmth, kindness and caring of all its members; they are nice

There’s lots of love xo xo

Of what we do and who we are…

We help others

We have great services

Strawberry Festival!

Senior PF & Junior PF

The music!!!!

The Choir

The MCC Band

I love ringing the bell

Sunday School Rocks☻; I like coloring in Sunday school; I love Sunday school too!


I love everything it offers kids & adults and everyone is friendly and Strawberry Festival!!!

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